Complete Bodyweight Home Workout To Build Muscle and Burn Fat

X-Training Fitness Gear brings you another awesome workout that you can do at home, with minimal equipment. It's a complete bodyweight workout that will help you build muscle and burn fat. On top of that you will also develop your general physical conditioning and feel fitter and stronger than ever!


This home workout can be done 2-3 times a week. To make it a fully complete total body workout, we will include an ab-blasting six pack shaping finisher at the end of the bodyweight workout. So let's check out what exercise we will be doing for this workout.

*Take note however, that this workout is more suited to the experienced exerciser who is able to do full pull ups and bodyweight dips. If you're a beginner, you will have to stick to simpler bodyweight workouts - i.e doing more push ups and inverted rows etc.


Exercises Required for the Complete Bodyweight Workout

Some of these exercises are quite basic and there is no necessity to talk too much about them

1. Pull Up

Builds your back, traps, lats, forearms, biceps- one of the best bodyweight exercises ever.

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2. Dips

A great tricep muscle builder. Even more powerful than normal pushups. Dips also work the chest. Definitely incorporate these in your bodyweight workout routine.

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3. Tuck Front Lever (see video)

4. Tuck Back Lever (see video)

5. Deep Squat

Do these deep and slow. Give your quads a good workout.
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6. Pike push ups

These help work your shoulders. Eventually you will be doing harder variations, like the handstand push up.
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Image result for hanging knee raise7. Hanging knee raises
Best exercise for core and abs. If too easy, do them with straight legs.

8. Lunge

Works the quads and glutes. Safer than for the knees than doing pistols.

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9. Chin up
 Same like the pull up, but with emphasis on the biceps. Another must-have in your bodyweight program.
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10. Push up

The staple exercise for bodyweight workouts. Many ways to make them harder and more challenging. Do them with feet elevated, do them with hands closer (diamond push ups), do them with just one arm!

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11. Superman

A great exercise for the lower back and core.

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You will have noticed that there are two exercises on the list that are not too usual. These are the tuck levers (front and also back) which are inspired by Calisthenics. These are incorporated to make the workout more challenging, and also because they are quite fun to do! Basically these are bodyweight workout skills that you can learn so that your workouts can be more interesting (beats boredom!)...

Check out these tutorials below on how to do the Front Tuck Lever and the Back Tuck Lever.

Front Tuck Lever (Hold)

Back Tuck Lever (Hold)

So without further ado, here is the program:

Complete Bodyweight Home Workout To Build Muscle and Burn Fat


1. Pull Up x8
2. Dips x10
3. Tuck Front Lever - hold for 10 seconds
4. Tuck Back Lever -hold for 10 seconds
5. Squat - x15
6. Pike Push Up x10
7. Hanging Knee Raises x10
8. Lunge x10
9. Chin Up x8
10. Push Up x15
11. Superman x10

Do as a complex,  two to three rounds.

Six Pack Abs Finisher:

1. Jumping jacks x20
2. Cross arm crunches x16
3. Reverse crunch x16
4. Flutter kicks  -30 seconds
5. Mountain climber x30
6. Plank - 60 seconds

Do two rounds

Equipment Needed For this Bodyweight Workout

1. Pull up bar
2. Exercise mat
3. Push up handles
4. Dip station (or two sturdy chairs)
5. Towel
6. Comfortable dry-fit workout apparel