Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men Over 40

Let's face it. As we get older, we find less and less ability to do our usual workouts. I remember when much younger that I could do all those explosive type exercises - plyometric workouts, really heavy weight workouts at the gym, explosive sprinting and running and so on and so forth.

Just keep at it

But as age creeps in, our joints and body parts start to feel sore and stiff. Creaking like old floorboards! SO what exercises can we do as we approach 40 or even over 40? Is it possible to still build our bodies and be fit over 40 without doing heavy weights?

How about bodyweight exercises? Is it possible to build a lean, ripped physique doing exercises just using our own bodyweight?

The simple answer is YES. 

Everyone, especially those who are 40 and above, will find lots of benefits training and working out using bodyweight exercises instead of using weights. Actually, your body isn't able to tell the difference between using a weight (say a barbell) or your own bodyweight. All the body feels is the resistance the weight gives it. 

Just take a look at gymnasts. They have strong looking bodies, but they just train using their bodyweight only. So it is possible!

So to train for hypertrophy, ie, muscle building, all you need to do is adjust the intensity of the bpdyweight exercise. Aim for a rep range of between 10-12.

If you want to work on your endurance, choose a rep range from 15-20 or more.


So what are the best bodyweight exercises a man over 40 should do to increase muscle and be fitter at the same time? These are:

  • Pull ups and chin ups
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Crunches and other exercises for core and abs
These exercises are the best in a sense that they are compound movement - they engage more than one muscle at the same time. These type of exercises give you the most bang for the buck.

Here's a quick bodyweight circuit workout that men over 40 can do at home with minimal equipment:

1. Pull-up or chin-up x8-10

2. Squats x15

3. Push- Ups x 15

4. Crunches x 20

Rest one minute, and then repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

For cardio, go for a 25-30 minute brisk walk around the neigborhood or park.

In time, you may wish to get some extra equipment to spice up your workouts. Items like push up handles, weight vest, advanced door pullup bars, dip stations and suspension training systems will help make your bodyweight training more challenging.

Below are some tutorials for you to get some info and guidance on how to do the bodyweight exercises.

Push Ups

Pull Up


Abs exercises

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